About AskIITM

Hello there! At AskIITM, you will find answers to question you may have about IIT Madras. From the courses, to placements, to student life, to the alumni network, and even food at the mess… there is an extensive library of 100+ questions to browse, as well as a facility to ask your own new questions.

Questions are answered by alumni, with a bit of help from current students. So go ahead. Browse the question archives, or ask us a question. And we hope to see you on campus soon!

I have a question - where do I ask? Who will answer it? 

Click on "Ask a Question". Our team will get you an answer in 1 working days, or earlier!

Your question will be answered by an alumni in our extended team.

Are there any questions you will not answer?

Our goal is to help aspirants get a glimpse of life and academics at IIT Madras (and beyond) - so we will answer questions that seek to clarify.

We have a strict policy of not answering questions around religion, politics and identity.

Is AskIITM a marketing campaign for IIT-M?

AskIITM is an information campaign. We seek to help aspirants know more about IIT Madras from primary sources.

We hope to inspire other universities and alumni associations to set up similar campaigns.

Director’s Note

Before I joined IIT Madras in 1989, I had all kinds of questions. Would the institute have the focus on the field of technology I was interested in? What was campus life be like?

From 2000 to 2009, as a faculty member, I used to participate in "counselling" -
where JEE students (and their parents) would come to IIT Madras to talk to faculty members. We would answer questions about academics, placements, safety, sports, food, ... Talking to us would calm the anxieties of students and parents about joining an IIT.

Today this opportunity does not exist - it was stopped in 2010 when the “counselling” process turned online. Aspirants go to social media to find information - but there is so much information that it is confusing. The need for a credible source of information for aspirants is very high. I am so thrilled that the passionate alumni of this great Institute are providing this via AskIITM. For me, this is a successor to the old physical counselling system.

I welcome you to AskIITM, and invite you to browse the wide selection of questions ranging from academics to hostel life. The answers are written by alumni and students - who have first hand experience. My faculty colleagues and myself will also be contributing to the answers from time to time.

If the answers on this website are able to help you take more informed and confident decisions - then I will be very happy. I am also very excited that IIT Madras is taking the lead in this experiment in transparency.

Prof. V. Kamakoti
Director, IIT Madras

Who runs this website, and why?

AskIITM is run by a team of alumni of IIT Madras. The team is lead by Amrut and Amrit from CoreVoice. We started this website when we learnt that aspirants - students who want to join IITs - have questions that are unanswered or answered poorly. We didn't like the idea that students are making life and career choices without credible information.

The smartest and the brightest students enter the IITs - and they deserve to get their questions about IIT Madras answered authentically.

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