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The most surprising thing about IIT Madras is that the campus is within a protected forest, and students share the campus with deer, monkeys and birds. Another joyful thing about IIT Madras is that students get to choose half their courses (electives).

These are just two of the hundreds of little things about IIT Madras that we (students and alumni) know but aspirants don't. This website was setup to bridge that gap. Aspirants ask, we answer.

Director’s Note

Before I joined IIT Madras in 1989, I had all kinds of questions. Would the institute have the focus on the field of technology I was interested in? What was campus life be like?

From 2000 to 2009, as a faculty member, I used to participate in "counselling" -where JEE students (and their parents) would come to IIT Madras to talk to faculty members. We would answer questions about academics, placements, safety, sports, food, ... Talking to us would calm the anxieties of students and parents about joining an IIT.

Today this opportunity does not exist - it was stopped in 2010 when the “counselling” process turned online. Aspirants go to social media to find information - but there is so much information that it is confusing. The need for a credible source of information for aspirants is very high. I am so thrilled that the passionate alumni of this great Institute are providing this via AskIITM. For me, this is a successor to the old physical counselling system.

I welcome you to AskIITM, and invite you to browse the wide selection of questions ranging from academics to hostel life. The answers are written by alumni and students - who have first hand experience. My faculty colleagues and myself will also be contributing to the answers from time to time.

If the answers on this website are able to help you take more informed and confident decisions - then I will be very happy. I am also very excited that IIT Madras is taking the lead in this experiment in transparency.

Prof. V. Kamakoti
Director, IIT Madras


Notable alumni who help
answer your queries

Amrutash Misra
ME, 2008
Amrit Vatsa
CE, 2008
Piyush Adwani
ED, 2021
Nikhil Pai
CH, 2023
Kiran Anilkumar
HS, 2023
HS, 2022
Aenakshee Roy
CH, 2024
Mritunjay Kumar
NA, 2024


What students say about AskIITM

AskIITM cleared all my doubts about campus, from rules and regulations to documents I would need at admission. I had no one to ask except AskIITM. I was surprised to receive very prompt responses to every question! It felt so nice that the institute cared about even the small questions that I had.

AE 2023
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AskIITM helped me realise that the multiple programs like electives, minors, and IDDDs at IITM really made the academic journey interesting.

MM 2023
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In one of the AskIITM events, the team called IITM the "best place to build" which was a part of my decision to join IIT Madras. Other reasons were the electives offered and the NIRF rank.

EE 2023
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