IIT Madras has held the NIRF Rank 1 as the best institute in India for five consecutive years. Rank matters but what matters more is that our students get access to a thriving academic environment. At IITM, we respect autonomy, and you can craft your curriculum via electives, minors, and interdisciplinary dual degrees - you pick what you study. 

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At IIT Madras, you can choose up to 40% of your courses—these are called your electives. With electives, you can explore subjects outside of your core domain. A massive basket of electives is available, whether in humanities, engineering, or the sciences.


Minors are accreditations in a subject other than your core. Having a minor can be very helpful during placements and when making career plans. They provide added advantages and flexibility when deciding on higher studies. Sometimes, a combination may prove range (say, mechanical + economics), or may help specialise in certain roles (say, mechanical + AI).


The Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (IDDD) program at IIT Madras is a unique academic program that allows students to pursue a Bachelor's and Master's degree simultaneously in different disciplines in only five years. 

Departments of IIT Madras

Through it's 18 departments, IITM offers 13 BTech Programmes - a lot of which need more than just their name to explain what's going on. So we've got your back. Here's all you need to know about the various departments of IIT Madras. If you want to know more, read here (community departments link). And to know more about the new department of Data Science and AI, read here

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