Build @ IITM

IIT Madras is the Best Place to Build. Build what? Build a robot. Some AI software. An EV. A silicon chip. A rocket. Build your social circle. Friendships. A network of peers. Build your skills. Your career. Your own startup. Build anything you want.

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Build Culture

IITians are builders. Students here enjoy the thriving build culture and supporting infrastructure daily, whether in the academic, co-curricular, or extra-curricular sphere. Some students go on semester exchange to institutions across the world, some start a company, some learn multiple languages, and so much more. The Centre for Innovation (CFI) is another excellent example. Students walk in and work on projects they love—race cars, drones, hyperloops, the sky’s the limit. 

Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation (CFI) is another excellent example of the Build Culture of IITM. This is an entirely student-run lab that has went through 15 years of teams and clubs being added every year. There are clubs that lead tech activity on campus in fields such as AI, Electronics, Programming, Astronomy, etc. and there are competition teams which take part in cool competitions across the world - Raftaar Formula Racing, Avishkar Hyperloop,


Journey to Eminence

Established in 1959, IIT Madras has come a long way. Watch this video to learn about IIT Madras' history and how it became the best place to build.

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