The IITM campus, spread across over 600 acres and adjacent to Guindy National Park, is quite unique. Hundreds of students and animals cohabiting make for a fascinating experience. Let’s look at a few details about campus life that will help answer your questions about your first year at IIT Madras. 

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Hostel life for most of you is your first time away from home and the start of a new chapter. As you settle into your first year, sharing rooms, forging friendships, and participating in spirited inter-hostel competitions will solidify the bond that you have with hostel life and mates.

Campus Facilities

At IIT Madras, the campus is always buzzing with activity. Beyond the well-known sights of campus flora and fauna is the infrastructure waiting to be explored. From the Open Air Theatre to the Sudha & Shankar Innovation Hub, IITM’s campus facilities empower you to freely build and grow.

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