For some people, IIT Madras is a research-oriented academic environment. For others, it's a fun, youthful campus set within a real forest. While academics are a priority, there's a lot beyond it. There's so much you can explore, build, and do beyond your studies at IITM. From running cultural and technical fests to inter-hostel competitions to sports, students here have the freedom to participate in a vast array of activities. Let's take a look at Life at IITM.

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You'll be swamped with extra-curricular options at IITM. The good news is - there's no limit on the number of clubs or activities you can be part of. The bad news is - you'll be spoiled for choice.


With a vibrant sporting culture and top-notch facilities, Life at IITM is incomplete without sports. IITM students take pride in ensuring IIT Madras continues to hold the record for the most number of Inter-IIT Sports Meet wins (24 and counting!).


Alongside the various club activities, the anticipation builds year-round for two standout events: Saarang and Shaastra. These student-led cultural and technical festivals showcase the ingenuity and drive of IITM students.


At IIT Madras, students run the show. Through Positions of Responsibility (PoRs), they lead cultural events, sports, and even placements. PoRs reflect students' voluntary dedication to campus life beyond academics.

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