IIT Madras is the best place for research. Our research centres, innovation stack, and hundreds of patents speak for themselves. So, look no further if you're looking to build a career in research. We have the means, the environment, and the infrastructure.  

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Centres of Excellence

At the heart of IIT Madras's research efforts lie the numerous initiatives in varied fields like AI and Data Sciences, Medical Technology, Complex Systems, etc. The Centers of Excellence (CoEs) complement these initiatives and provide leadership, research, support, and sector-specific skill training, led by superstar professors like Prof. Ravindran, Prof. Mohan, Prof. Pradeep, and more.

Research Park 

Adjacent to the IIT Madras campus is the 1.2 million sqft IIT Madras Research Park which hosts offices of companies that have deep research collaborations with IIT Madras. Additionally, IITMRP is home to over 200 technology start-ups. At one point the office of Ather Energy, the EV startup was here! Make sure to visit! 


Put talented brains together, and they’ll create IP - intellectual property, i.e. patents. At IIT Madras, most research labs strive to get papers published, patents registered and even build companies. Professors and students working on ground-breaking research get support from IIT Madras to protect their work as patents. Prof. Sujatha’s R2D2 lab has spin-off companies building electric wheelchairs; Prof. Kamakoti’s RISE labs supports companies in semiconductors; Prof. Satya’s group is building flying taxis and rockets. 

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