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Are the girls' hostels as good as the boys' hostels?

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Yes, the girls’ hostels are just as good as the boys’ hostels.

However, with fewer girls’ hostels compared to the boys’ hostels in IIT Madras, it’s common to wonder if girls get the same level of safety, cleanliness, and security. But those concerns are pretty much unfounded. The girls’ hostels are just as great, offering comfy living conditions and top-notch facilities, no doubt about that.


All girls' hostels are located in fairly green areas with proximity to messes, food courts, and general facilities like convenience stores. Four of them - Swarnamukhi, Sabarmati, Sharavati, and Sarayu - are clustered near the Vindhya mess and are very close to the Central Library as well. Students from these hostels can easily access services such as laundry, ironing, snacks, and refreshments. Tunga and Bhadra are located near the Himalaya Mess Halls and the Nilgiri mess. These hostels are at a prime location where facilities such as the Institute Gym and Sports Centre are nearby, not to mention the basketball and badminton courts.


The hostels have a fairly good number of single, double, and triple occupancy rooms, some with even quadruple occupancy rooms. Each wing of a hostel, comprising nearly 8 rooms, shares one bathroom, which has multiple stalls and restrooms. All the hostels are cleaned daily by the cleaning staff, and they even help students clean rooms on request. Each student would have one cot, one fan, one tube light, multiple charging ports, a cupboard, a table, and a chair given to them in every room. A LAN port is also provided to each student to access high-speed internet in the rooms.

Most of the girls' hostels have sports rooms, gym rooms, and other recreational facilities such as TV and music systems in the common rooms. Equipment for tennis, table tennis, hockey, badminton, and even cricket is available in the hostels. Each floor has spacious dump rooms that can be used by students to store their stuff when they go home during vacations or on long internships. Some of the hostels have vending machines, which are restocked twice a day, and here’s the cool part - students from other hostels can use them too. Each bathroom has working washing machines, making life super convenient.


All due care is taken to ensure the safety of the students. Lady guards are on duty 24*7 and assist students in various ways. All hotels have fingerprint access to ensure that no unauthorized person enters the hostels. No males, not even the parents of students, are allowed inside. Male laborers and other staff are accompanied by the hostel manager or other officials to ensure the safety of the students, while working or during maintenance work in rooms, corridors, or washrooms. Security patrolling is active at night to ensure that no untoward incidents happen.

The hostels at IITM support personal growth and interests by providing necessary facilities and continually improving the infrastructure. These efforts contribute to creating a comfortable and memorable hostel life for the students.

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Aravind S
Created Date: Apr 28, 2024
Modified Date: May 24, 2024

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