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What are the IITM hostels like?

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Comfortable, clean, and full of camaraderie.

The hostels at IITM have all the facilities you need. Each student gets their own cot, an almirah, a table and chair, all electrical facilities and a LAN port with high-speed internet. Walk outside and you'll see your hostel's recreational and common rooms which have a TV as well as table tennis, pool and foosball tables. The hostel courtyard serves as a football and cricket ground. Walk a bit further and you'll find basketball and badminton courts as well. IITM is also rapidly devloping the hostel infrastructure in many ways. For example, the new Mandakini hostel is being built and the existing hostels are being refurbished with the alumni-led Keep It Flowing campaign!

Hostels aside - if you need anything, multiple well-stocked general stores are present within walking distance from every hostel, all of which have subsidized rates. Some hostels even have vending machines installed within the premises which give you snacks on-demand 24/7.Once you settle in, you'll find your tribe and some of the best moments of your life will be spent right here.

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Kiran A
HS 2018
Created Date: Apr 28, 2024
Modified Date: May 24, 2024

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