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What measures does IITM take to safeguard the mental health of its students?

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Being in one of the top universities in the country, sometimes it can get hard to cope with the peer pressure and the competitive environment that the campus creates. Many students take time to adjust to their new environment, with new people and new life. Every period of a student’s college experience - their initial days, academics, the internship season, projects, placement, etc - poses unique challenges that not all would be able to overcome.

IIT Madras takes every step to ensure that the students are not alone in the time of their misery. The mental health of their students is given utmost importance, just like their physical health. Here are the bodies under the wellness community center that work towards ensuring students’ mental well-being:

  • SAATHI: A platform focusing on the well-being and self-growth of the students, Saathi raises awareness on the campus about various pertinent issues and plans several informal gatherings, lectures, and sessions, open to all.
  • MITR: MITR provides peer counseling to distressed students and collaborates with different agencies in the IITM community. The motto of MITR is ‘No one on the campus should be unattended in their emotional distress’.
  • The Wellness Centre, IITM: A body of licensed mental health professionals with whom students can schedule an appointment when they are feeling the need to talk to someone.

Ombuds for students: Additionally, IIT-Madras appointed former director general of police of Tamil Nadu and retired IPS officer G Thilakavathi as “Student Ombuds” to oversee and address concerns related to students’ grievances, safety, and disciplinary matters. The ‘Student Ombuds’ appointment marks the institute’s commitment to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for students’ academic and personal growth.

On the whole, the institute makes sure that no student has to undergo difficult times alone. Once you are inside IITM, IITM will always be there for you.

Here are some of the necessary helpline numbers:

  • Wellness Centre helpline – 04422578521
  • YourDOST helpline (24/7) – 04448136222
  • Hospital helpline (24/7) – 04422578888
  • Security helpline (24/7) – 04422579999

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Aravind S
Created Date: Apr 28, 2024
Modified Date: May 24, 2024

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